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    Music Thread

    For all the music lovers of GameHag! Feel free to plug your Spotify or other music streaming site with a bit of info of the type of music you listen to. Let's make some friends based on music! To start off, my Spotify is flannel_prince (I made it in 6th grade :P). I listen to just about anything and everything and spend way too much time on the playlists I make! If you want to find some new music based on a specific feeling, situation, or genre, skim through some of my playlists. Some examples are "running away in search for happy", "doomer music for when you're crying at 3am", and "everything is beautiful on the farm". I'll be checking out most of the accounts posted because I love broadening my music taste!

    15 november 2019 14:10 1628

    PS: I didn’t make this thread just to plug, I genuinely want to add some people on Spotify and make friends.

    16 november 2019 16:36 1628

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