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    Why is it so hard to complete offers

    Maybe its because im a lazy pile of bones

    15 november 2019 01:27 1628

    I have worked in market researh for a couple of years and path offers, which is most of the offers you can do here, rarely credit. All they want is your personal information to use and sell to third parties to send you junk mail and who knows what else, then they make up some excuse that you needed to buy something or start a trial from one of the offers you're shown during the completion of the orginal path offer.

    15 november 2019 04:12 1628

    walls are mostly there to scam, not exactly scam but to watse your time for nothing, u have to find which wall works best is your country and which one rewards faster, imo adgate is the worst, offertoro is not bad but there is one wall that i couldnt find in gamehag, ayeT-studios is the best wall of offers

    15 november 2019 20:39 1628

    It depends on your country.For mine its really hard to do any offer

    15 november 2019 21:08 1628

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