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    What better: Buying chests/buying the things

    I want fortnite v-bucks but i am scared to use the chest because I can get something bad :c

    13 november 2019 17:24 1628

    Ok thx guys

    13 november 2019 19:38 1628

    Thanks. It's good to know the chests are more of a lottery ticket than a guarantee of something good.

    13 november 2019 19:44 1628

    chests are better because who knows maybe you will win a good amount of V-Bucks

    13 november 2019 19:52 1628

    @aleksatwcgeneral no its' not better to buy chests , i spend 2300 sg for nothing i' cs go chets , i got only 2 skins with a low price and i got in the rest of chests random cd key and runes

    14 november 2019 09:47 1628

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