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    problem with the challenges

    man i love this game a lot but i have a problem on game hag like i completed 15 battles but i do not know how to redeem my soul shards i even sent like 3 screenshots of me getting 15 victories but they were all rejected i searched on youtube and tried to report this problem but with no succes and i just dont know what to do anymore so here i am asking one of you guys in the community to try to help a brother from another mother out please.

    11 november 2019 18:56 2176

    hey that's quiet ussual.... I think I had same problem with crossout on another platform...

    11 november 2019 20:30 2176

    i think its hard

    12 november 2019 07:02 2176

    its not hard i have 20 wins but it just wont accept it

    14 november 2019 04:47 2176

    how do i know wins ?

    14 november 2019 18:28 2176

    ни вона чудова ця гра мены нравыться

    14 november 2019 18:53 2176

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