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    Has anyone gotten rewards in the games section at first attemp?

    I did the Bleach task and got the reward almost instantly

    15 august 2017 03:59 1628

    I've got all my screenshots accepted within a hour or faster. Railroad, Travian, Age of legends, Neverwinter. So far got acceptance 100%

    15 august 2017 14:49 1628

    I've been accepted on almost everything. Grepolis is the only one that hasn't worked out

    15 august 2017 16:11 1628

    ask Misty why yourtask got refused. you have to have the same nickname in the game and in gamehag, and when you screenshot the date and time of your computer must be visible

    4 november 2017 06:28 1628

    yes most rewarded within a few hours/the day, ones that have been refused have been sorted by Misty.

    5 november 2017 01:11 1628

    I did the Star Trek Online task and got the reward almost instantly

    6 november 2017 20:11 1628

    Do you know how long Marvelous Ruffles takes? I have entered like 10 ruffles a week ago... I just forgot about it

    28 april 2020 18:59 1628

    most tasks are accepted in 24 hours, any longer than that ask Misty about it and see if they can do anything. if its rejected just try and resubmit the same screenshot if its the correct one and normally that fixes it for me

    28 april 2020 20:16 1628

    no...not yet

    28 april 2020 20:44 1628

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