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    Are there good people on Roblox?

    Yes there is alot actually like there are just some people who are scums. (Im not one of them) like there are people who try to take advantage of people who trust them like they will just backstab them when they get what they want Im gonna share my personal experience again there on Project Jojo (Jojo's bizarre adventure game) they made up a thing called fusion stands where you can fuse stands together to make the ultimate stand I helped my buddy fuse King Crimson and Killer Queen also known as kc and kq he let me hold his kc and him holding the kq now to fuse you need a fusion mask you need to do Jotaro's qiest behind the school which is very hard it requires stuff like a red aja a vamp mask which is not hard to get and a corpse part that you can get by killing the diavolo boss which has infinite epitaph only some stands can kill it like golden experience requiem and tusk act 4 and over heaven stands once you kill him he will drop a corpse part. Then once you got all the stands you need and fusion mask and corpse part you will go besides each other the person with fusion mask will get the stand you have to drop the corpse part and click fusion mask there is a 1/2 chance to get the stand and if it fails you have to get another corpse part and repair your fusion mask by getting a red aja. But we succeeded and he now has a stand named ironically king queen lma0

    10 november 2019 14:43 1628

    im obsessed on creating long paragraphs on this website now lma0

    10 november 2019 14:43 1628

    of yourse there are also good people on roblox , expect all those toxic kool kids.

    10 november 2019 17:25 1628

    Dont know dude,roblox is a unknown realm😐

    10 november 2019 18:03 1628

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