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    If you did play roblox what game to play?

    If you are an anime fan i recommend playing anime games there are mostly anime fighting games in roblox that involve the animes Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, One piece and so on those are the main 2 animes that give inspiration to developers in roblox.

    10 november 2019 14:22 1628

    Oh **** I forgot the other games there are some games that involve addictive gambling but its not really gambling because you are rolling for pets in a simulator, pets are mostly used in a simulator game in roblox it gives you alot of advantages like x2 coins x2 exp I enjoy these types of games but it gets boring really fast for me because you can beat it in like 2 days or so. If you like shooter games there are alot on roblox like Phantom Forces, Strucid, Island Royale, Arsenal and Counter Blox. Counter Blox is basically CSGO but in roblox there are also cases, all of the cases costs 50 credits, credits can be obtained by winning or buying it with robux, you will get 10 credits on every win you get in classic mode. Phantom Forces is also a very interesting game you can get a case every win you get, and I think you can also get keys from winning you can also get cases everyday by logging in. There is also an RPG game in roblox called Dungeon Quest I recommend playing it with friends because you will most likely die in the game If you do Hardcore modes there will be 2x loot but only 1 life and if you dont play in Hardcore you will die but respawn and deduct 10 seconds to the timer but you only get 1 item if you complete the dungeon you can also trade in Dungeon Quest but some people are greedy some are not so I recommend just working for your stuff like other people do

    10 november 2019 14:30 1628

    play Ninja obby, its my own game XD its kinda good

    10 november 2019 14:40 1628

    try my game guuuuuuuuysssssss. itss a ninjaaa theeeeeeemeeed obbbbbbbyyy. HAS 116 visits!!!!!!!!!!!!😀

    10 november 2019 14:41 1628

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