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    Whats your favorite game??

    My favorite game is csgo because i can play with my friends and rek them in 1v1

    10 november 2019 12:23 1628

    assassin's creed

    10 november 2019 17:26 1628

    of course roblox

    10 november 2019 17:31 1628

    Jk ;P
    my fav games are:
    Subnautica, Minecraft, Roblox XD, Kingdom full series, and much more

    10 november 2019 17:33 1628

    Its probablly the walking dead season 1 or the last of us,really charming and emotional games

    10 november 2019 18:02 1628

    As of right now I am loving rust

    10 november 2019 22:41 1628

    In all honesty, Neverwinter has actually caught my attention, It's a world wide MMO and it's really easy too, depending on the skills you get. I'm currently lvl 20 and get a bunch of Soul Gems from it as well, I'm actually probably going to continue to play more of It. It's got a nice lore and story as well.

    11 november 2019 01:15 1628

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