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    World of Tanks

    (4.31/5) 6662 rates

    Is this a good game??

    This is a good game?

    9 november 2019 19:25 1

    When I started playing this game back in 2014 this game was great, every patch brought great things to the game. This lasted till somewhere in 2016. When the T110E5 accidently got buffed. Now this took over a year to fix, But WG keeps making this mistake again with the Maus, the Type 4 Heavy and the Type 5 Heavy. they share all the same problem: NO frontal weakspots. You need to fire gold ammo to pennertrate them.

    And that brings us to the next problem. Gold ammo.

    Now I get that sometimes gold rounds are needed. But nowadays world of tanks, it's almost as bad as on the test server. just take a look at your hit indicator and count how many games out of 10 you will get shot at with premium ammo.

    I love to play with tier 8 tanks they are a great balance between power and credit income. you can play them without losing credits while still having fun. but when you get into A tier 10 game, what happens a lot, and come across a tier 10 TD and the first this you get fired at u Is a APCR shell from a T110E4 in this case, what is the fun in that?

    10 november 2019 16:45 1

    I don't know....... I can't

    11 january 2020 20:24 1

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