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    Is Minecraft fun playing by yourself, or do you have to play with someone else to make it fun?

    I've been thinking about this for a while, when I play normal survival Minecraft, I don't find it much fun, so I resort to servers, but when I play with friends with family, it becomes considerably more fun, tell me what you guys think!

    9 november 2019 17:09 1628

    Well ofcourse its more fun with friends,but it still fun to play solo😀

    9 november 2019 17:22 1628

    XD palm you sayed fun ansver

    9 november 2019 17:26 1628

    i don t own mincraft so idk but i think if you have the java edition then its more fun to play w friend at highpixel otherways i think its the same

    9 november 2019 17:41 1628

    i want to level up

    9 november 2019 17:43 1628

    with other people is the most fun in my opinion

    9 november 2019 20:06 1628

    Minecraft is always fun

    9 november 2019 20:10 1628

    I just cant play minecraft anymore too manny mindless hours building thing that are lost and forgotten months later

    10 november 2019 00:55 1628

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