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    Roblox players diferences

    There's many kinds of players in Roblox. There's roleplayers, ODers (Online Daters), Hackers and scammers. Online Dating is pretty bad in every was as possible if you think about it but in a game... Roblox is mostly played by little kids .oding and kids doesn't match and it's just stupid. The hackers in Roblox mostly think they are cool and professional but they are just players who can't play the game fair and have fun. And there's a similar category of them. They flex in every was as possible, make lies and of course, break the game... The scammers mostly make bad lies and it can be easy to see through their minds.

    9 november 2019 10:45 1628

    roblox dont ban oders since they buy robux and give robux money

    9 november 2019 11:08 1628

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