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    Witch is better

    Anime Or Games?

    8 november 2019 23:16 1628

    Games is better

    9 november 2019 00:10 1628

    you can't compare anime and games they're both good.

    9 november 2019 00:38 1628

    I played more games than watching anime. So... games.

    9 november 2019 04:16 1628

    5 years ago I would have said you couldn't really compare them because they had different things going on. But now? I'm not sure. With the rise of "Walking Simulator" genre and ultra-long cutscene (thanks Kojumbo!) you can make a feature-long anime, splice 10 minutes of QTE in and call that a Japanese Telltale knockoff game. Put an easy mode in to do auto battle for you and it would look just like a normal anime, right? That said, I hope no one actually try to do that.

    9 november 2019 04:29 1628

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