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    anime or manga

    for me anime because you can see actions than manga is a drawing

    8 november 2019 10:19 1628

    Anime, the action is portrayed really well unlike in the manga where you just see one scene of ppl fighting and then another one and another one which isnt nice

    8 november 2019 10:42 1628

    depends on which you prefer, though I prefer anime

    8 november 2019 11:14 1628

    I prefer Manga for the most part. Sometimes I like to see something animated if it is REALLY well animated, and faithful to the source material, but will always prefer the original art form.

    Especially if the anime doesn't look as good as the Manga, like One Piece. I love the story, but the anime is not nearly as good as the manga in multiple different ways same goes for berserk and some other animes.

    The manga has more brutal events for the first case. Panels that were shocking and impactful were reduced to make them less disturbing for mainstream audiences.

    9 november 2019 00:41 1628

    It really depends on what you enjoy but I like manga and anime so I usually do both.

    30 january 2021 06:17 1628

    i prefer manga since usually mangas last longer

    7 february 2021 06:53 1628

    This is like k-pop vs j-pop XD. Reading on manga is interesting and usually lasts longer than the anime version on it. There's no difference at all on how the story is displayed on both sides. On my opinion, Anime is still a choice for me! :D

    7 february 2021 09:12 1628

    I think anime but I even don't watching anime

    7 february 2021 16:08 1628

    Both. I Love To Watch And Read At The Same Time.

    16 february 2021 14:34 1628

    I would say both but mostly anime

    16 february 2021 15:32 1628

    i prefer anime..

    20 february 2021 05:53 1628

    Demon slayer

    20 february 2021 19:38 1628

    Anime in my opinion, there are some scenes you really want to see and it may not show in the manga and since techonlogy grows...so is the Graphics of the Anime.

    19 april 2021 18:43 1628

    manga is good for people who have patience and anime is good for people who are casual weebs

    19 april 2021 18:49 1628

    I think both, rarely in anime they dont show some scene actually in manga because they're inappropriate something like that.

    19 april 2021 18:59 1628

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