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    Why this exist lol on mobile will be better

    Lol mobile will be better in many many good ways for player so this will lose many player

    7 november 2019 15:02 4295

    Dude I LOVE Mobile Legends cause it's so cool with all the characters but I was forced to delete it cause it was taking up to much space

    2 december 2019 14:42 4295

    league of legends is the game that came befre this and dota so i htink league of legends is better eside that u cant play it on phone yeah thats all btw guys heres a tip u can write a lot of words (like what im doing now) and the more u write the more exp u get but it may be hard to do it 😢 its going to be easy if u keep trying 😺

    4 december 2019 03:19 4295

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