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    A Guide to Having Fun on Roblox

    As someone who has been playing Roblox since 2011, I'm going to give a brief walk through of the main page and show how ANYONE can find something fun on the site!

    Hello! If you're first starting Roblox, and your first impression is from memes, then it'll be really difficult to get into it. This is amplified if you just play the first game you see on the main page. In this article, I'll be giving you steps and tips on how to find genuinely fun games and communities.

    The Games Page

    When you first click 'Games', you'll be shown a page that starts with Popular and Top Rated games. However, the algorithm used to determine if a game is "Popular" or highly rated is just based on current players and overall likes to dislikes ratio. A lot of games will exploit this to get on the main page by having a couple thousand, sometimes up to 100k, bots join the server. They aren't real players, but they add to the "Total Playing" count, so the game will be placed on the main page. This is the same with Top Rated, however, instead of bots playing the game, they're liking it instead.

    This isn't to say that all games on the main page are bad, just keep this in mind when you're wondering how a game where all you do is step on buttons made it to the front page. There are gems sprinkled around the first two sections, so take a look through them once in a while. However, the next section, Featured, tends to be where the best new games are. Featured games are hand-selected by Roblox mods and developers, so more often than not, genuinely good games can be found there. Some are short, physics-based games, but others can be well developed, long, and surprisingly fun.

    Something to consider too is the type of game. The most common games you'll find on the main page are tycoons, obbys, and simulators. This is because a game or two got popular in each of those categories and then a bunch of copies started storming to profit off of the originals. Again, there are still some super fun games of these types, but a majority of them follow the same basis:

    Tycoons: You step on buttons to purchase things, after purchasing the said thing you gain currency to buy more things. The exceptions to this are games like Theme Park Tycoon (1 and 2), Restaurant Tycoon, and Retail Tycoon where the final product isn't premade and you can customize most of the game.

    Obbys: Short for "Obstacle Courses". Most of these are jumping from platform to platform for a couple hours. The ones that are "Escape the ___ Obby" is this but with themed platforms and occasionally a render of the character/object/place you're escaping. The exceptions to this are Flood Escape and Block Hunt, which don't really follow this format but are still listed as "Obbys".

    Simulators: Oh boy. It's hard to pinpoint who started this trend, but after it was made, hundreds of games flooded the main page. On Roblox, "Simulator" does not have the same meaning as most other games. You click to gain and object, sell said object for currency, walk around the map to get more currency and upgrade how fast you gain the original object. Some games put a twist on this though. For example, in Bubble Gum simulator, as you upgrade your bubble, you can jump higher and higher, discovering floating islands with perks and chests. There's also a somewhat addicting pet system. Another great game is Bee Swarm Simulator (not to be biased with my love for bees) in which you collect pollen with your bee friends, convert it into honey, and get more bee friends! There are many side quests and power-ups scattered around the map as well. Not to mention, you can fight hostile bugs, bosses, and a whole game mode to fight against ants. On top of this, there are so many special events. Sprouts will appear, which, once you grow to the max level, will give tons of gifts. When it turns night, glowing bees will come down from the sky and bare presents! You can collect moon charms from them to level up your bees or get an amulet.

    Sorry to go on a tangent, I just really love Bee Swarm Simulator and I recommend giving it a play, just to try!

    Anyways, if you're looking for a GOOD game, generally avoid games that are set up to be a clickbait tycoon, obby, or simulator. Again, some are fun! But if you're looking for something engaging, try something on the Featured list!

    Groups and Communities

    Not all Roblox players are there just for the games, some are more interested in making friends and joining groups. Groups offer a great way to bring people with similar interests together, and a lot can be done with groups.

    Clothing groups: Some people start groups to make clothing brands. This is because groups can sell "Merch", or, in this case, their brand. This is a great way for people interested in the same fashion/style to meet and get to know one another.

    Business groups: A fun way to join a community is through joining a business! Examples of this are cafes, hotels, and restaurants. After joining the group, you go through training, and afterward, you can work on the main server while other players come in as customers.

    Roleplay groups: Every social network has them. If you're into roleplaying, whether that just be through text on the group wall, or in an actual game, there are tons of groups to sift through.

    There are tons of other groups that don't fit into a category, and some groups will have a link to a Discord server where you can connect with someone you met on Roblox.


    If you don't seem to be having a great time finding a game or community, or you get a creative spark, Roblox is a great place to build and create. Through the Roblox Studio, you can quickly pick up how to create models, and there are tons of tutorials online for coding in LUA. There are even tutorials on how to do specific things for Roblox! Developing a game can be stressful, so it isn't for everyone, but for those interested in coding and building, Roblox is a great place to get started.

    I hope this helped someone who was looking to get into the game! Remember, not all games on Roblox are great and most won't be your cup of tea, but there are some hidden gems! Mine is Bee Swarm Simulator, for others, it's the Labyrinth, some Meep City, a couple for Fashion Famous, and many more. There is such a variety of games that I bet anyone can find something they enjoy!

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    Thanks dude this will help

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    Play games also my tip is dont play it.

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    You cant have fun on roblox beacouse it sucks

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