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    How it works

    how to get steam chest

    because i dont know how

    7 november 2019 05:43 1628

    Add gamehag.com to your username on Steam
    Download your avatar with Gamehag logo and set it on Steam
    Get the chest

    Go to this link Click Steam daily Chest (you need to have your Steam account linked to get this)

    7 november 2019 18:35 1628

    Steam does not allow me to type '.com'

    18 august 2020 05:16 1628

    there's a daily chest?

    19 august 2020 02:24 1628

    @Georgy5525 you can download it here: https://gamehag.com/download/steamavatar
    If you go to the chests link above and click the steam chest it will tell you the instructions and there is a link to download your avatar there too.

    15 february 2021 15:58 1628

    whats the pocture cuz i dont know

    22 march 2021 16:31 1628

    You have to have the Gamehag on your pfp. There should be steps on how to get it

    22 march 2021 21:36 1628

    What does it mean by add to your username on steam

    5 november 2022 18:26 1628

    To add gamehag.com to your username:

    1. Login to your steam account.
    2. Click on your profile name (the one that's in capital letters in the middle of the screen at the top).
    3. Select "Profile" from the dropdown menu.
    4. Click "Edit Profile" on the righthand side of the screen.
    5. On the page you reach, change your profile name to yourusernamegamehag.com
    6. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and hit the blue "save" button.

    13 november 2022 19:54 1628

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