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    Regarding task 1 in league of angels 3 how you get vip level 1 ?

    Every one in the forums is saying you need to pay 5 usd to buy those topaz or some thing to go vip level 1 but how to get it done free does any one have any idea or its a lost cause cause in my region i only get 60 sgs for task 1 and its not worth it as 5 usd costs 3k gems what i do help

    6 november 2019 13:49 1628

    Alot of people suggested to post when reach level 25 without the vip but shockingly gamehag told me task rejected cause they felt it wasnt a new account this is just hopeless scene right here:( lately i cannot convince the gamehag staff to accept my tasks i give up already

    7 november 2019 01:04 1628

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