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    Can I earn EXP if I play the minigames on mobile?

    Also, how long do surveys take? It feels forever doing all of the surveys.

    6 november 2019 13:24 1628

    XPs can only be earned from interacting within the forum. Minigames only give you gems. For your other question, survey lengths are varied and there's practically no limit to how long they can take, but more often than not they will state their length right before asking you to join, so read carefully.

    6 november 2019 14:39 1628

    Yes you can because i dont know how

    6 november 2019 15:05 1628

    Surveys take long and I don't think you will earn XP by playing minigames

    8 november 2019 09:21 1628

    I can barely do any survey in my country

    8 november 2019 11:17 1628

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