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    how to gain SG

    because dont know how

    6 november 2019 07:46 1628

    Anyways you can try appzone, it'll give you 99 gems per day and limited to 198 sg, after that you have to complete offers

    6 november 2019 07:51 1628

    you can get a lot of gems by playing games gamehag recommended for you and do their task, or do contracts
    you can also try and write articles, just dont create spam like in forum, if your articles is accepted you will get around like 1000 SG
    (get more sg in "get more" section")

    anyway, the one above me who say that this question have been asked like 1000 times, its true, people create these forum often gonna contain spam

    6 november 2019 08:42 1628

    I have 325 SG and I get 57 SG per day with app zone and there are no problems lol. I don't know how it works but I'll take it1

    6 november 2019 08:44 1628

    You can play mini games. When you complete task you will get SG, I recommend you to do it on mobile on PC it will took time to receive your reward

    6 november 2019 12:29 1628

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