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    daily login

    where the place of daily login. i dont get any sg for few days from login bonus

    6 november 2019 05:17 1628

    you just log in around 7 days without missing anyday, each day you get 5, after 7 days without missing any day you get a bonus 20 SG which in total you will get around 55 SG
    and yes, its give you right away after the seventh login in a row

    6 november 2019 07:33 1628

    You have to login from the website, u dont get rewarded by using app

    6 november 2019 12:04 1628

    Herhangi bir günü kaçırmadan yaklaşık 7 gün giriş yaparsınız, her gün 5 alırsınız, hiçbir kaçırmadan 7 gün sonra toplam günü 55 SG civarında bir bonus 20 SG alırsınız
    ve evet, yedinci günden hemen sonra size verir. arka arkaya giriş yap

    7 april 2021 11:34 1628

    Daily login must be on the browser. Logging in on the app alone is not enough.

    17 april 2021 19:43 1628

    thanks to letting us know that app doesn't give daily log in!

    27 april 2021 09:01 1628

    It seems nobody got their daily login reward in the last 2 days, i asked for some information to admins but i haven't received any response yet. Keep calm, it will be solved :)

    21 march 2022 12:02 1628

    The issue is solved so i suppose tomorrow you will get the daily login reward :)

    21 march 2022 19:10 1628

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