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    feeling lost pls help

    i heard that the best way to get SG is by doing contract like play games on mobile so i did download castle clash and played the game for 4 days but didn't get any SG so can any one pls tell me how to get SG from mobile apps ? thank you in advance

    12 august 2017 19:46 1628

    Try contacting support [email protected]

    12 august 2017 23:03 1628

    dude ame thing happened to me I did taks and nothing .

    13 august 2017 14:01 1628

    It's not working, and gamehag devs doesn't give us an answer :(

    14 august 2017 00:37 1628

    today i got 70SG for one of the contract i guess it works but it takes few days not hours to get the reward and u need to contact the support and provide screenshots

    14 august 2017 12:53 1628

    my roblox user is https://web.roblox.com/users/31265920/profile i have hacked it all just don't tell anyone ;)

    21 may 2020 10:17 1628

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