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    Why does my task keep getting refused?

    Title. I complete the task, but it gets refused almost instantly

    11 august 2017 02:26 1628

    Ask Misty, mine task got refused. After a short chat with Misty it got accepted.

    11 august 2017 12:46 1628

    I sent 6 tasks and only two got verified. The others keep getting refused. I sent it again, but I don' know... I tried like 3 different screenshots for each game. I really don't know what they want from us. Atleast they should give us a solid reason, not a list that basically says "you made a mistake, try again".

    11 august 2017 17:59 1628

    your name should match on the gameand on gamehag that's very impoortant and don't even try to fool misty !

    18 april 2020 13:44 1628

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