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    League of Angels II

    (4.15/5) 739 rates

    Increase to level 16 but no gems

    I dont know if is only me having this problem but is VERY FRUSTRATING play this game all the day for level up and in the final dont earn one sigle gem, NOTHING. If someone can help please post a comment below.

    10 august 2017 21:59 807

    thet task said "PLAY AND FINISH THE CHAPTER 2. MISTY FOREST". have you finished that apart from being lvl 16?

    13 august 2017 04:53 807


    13 august 2017 04:54 807

    have you submitted a screenshot with the map of misty forest where all chests are opened? you need to have 21/21 stars and all bonus chests opened to get it done.

    15 august 2017 21:58 807

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