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    Dota stories

    Just a brief summary of how it is played, what it is about and how to access this game and some tips.
    The game dota 2 is a strategy game made by valve a game developer, the game is free of charge so it is only a matter of downloading it and starting to play, the game consists of games of two teams each, each team must consist Of 5 people, the game ends when any team destroys the main tower of the enemy, for which each player can choose a hero who must take and farmear to win gold and to be able to unlock the heroes.

    Some tips:
    -Be careful to do farmear well and deny keep in mind that now the creeps denied bread experience and at the same time prevent the enemy from winning gold.
    - pick the picks well, remember that however strong the pick will always have against picks that can make difficult the game.
    -participate in the team five, be present once in the battle because if you only fight 4 of your team and the enemy are the 5 you can lose the battle your team by disadvantage.
    -a good initiation is right in battles.
    -be very aggressive and not confident that your enemy is afraid and lets you play more calm this is depends on the hero with which you play if you are away you will have the advantage of lowering him little by little but the one of melee has more damage by Which avoids maintaining your distance or having a suport to your side that supports you
    - A good view of the map this helps to go to kill or to avoid being botched and thus be more alert.

    Well I hope my tips have helped them in their future games remember it is a team game not only that is the most important thing.

    8 august 2017 14:10 1625

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