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    A Basic Review Of BF2

    I will be covering my thoughts and opinions around "Star Wars Battlefront 2" and if it is worth playing in late 2019. I would like to disclose that these are my personal opinions and If you disagree with my views or thoughts that is perfectly fine. We are all entitled to opinions and views. Now without further ado, please allow me to run you through what I will discuss in the course of this video.

    1. Is the game fun?
    2. Is the game balanced?
    3. How does the game perform?
    4. Is the game worth its current price tag?
    5. Lootboxes? And what has been done to fix them.

    And my final score out of 10.

    Part One,
    Is the game fun?
    Yes, I think that the game can be picked up for a pleasant casual experience online or on offline, The game offers a wide variety of game modes, heroes, advanced units, star cards and classes to play. I will admit that sometimes finding games at late times or early times can prove challenging. E.G: Past 11 PM or Before 6 AM. I am partially crediting this to the fact that I am an Australian and that BF2 is less popular here. However, in America and Europe, I can imagine this problem would be less prominent. The star card system allows customization of the 4 classes: Assault, Officer, Specialist and Heavy. Each has their own playstyle and can be utilized in certain situations. It feels like Battlefield One if it was Star Wars. The battle points system encourages objective and team-based play and benefits the gameplay greatly. It is defiantly a major improvement over the token system utilized in the previous game.

    Part Two,
    Is the game balanced?
    This is harder to answer. The game is balanced however with the way that the star card system works the people who have played longer have competitive advantages as they have put in the time required to upgrade their cards to a higher point. I did find allot in multiplayer that I would be up against people with max level cards and top weapons. However, this does not necessarily make them win. I have been able to beat such people with basic cards. The star card system does not "unbalance" the game It simply makes the game have a skill gap which players will have to fight to cross. It has a sense of progression and pride as you move forward.

    Part Three,
    How does the game perform?
    This game looks stunning. It sounds fantastic and truly shows the abilities of gaming through graphical and audio design. It really does feel like you have just been dropped into the sands of Geonosis or the streets of Theed. I played the game on an Xbox One S 1TB Console, I did not find any bugs or issues while playing and enjoyed the game a lot. I have not crashed at all so far and the worst problem I ran into was joining an American lobby and getting high ping. Judging by my console's performance I would assume consoles like the Playstation 4 and Desktop Computers would be able to handle this game just fine!

    Part Four,
    Is the game worth its price tag?
    Yes, and No, I would not purchase this game for a 60$ tag. I waited for a sale and purchased it on G2A, although I am thoroughly enjoying my time with the game I feel it should not be 60$. If you are interested in purchasing this game I would recommend going onto G2A and waiting for a sale. I'll leave a link in the description to the G2A store page.
    Part 5,
    Lootboxes and what has been done to fix them?
    We have all heard about the loot box fiasco surround Battlefront 2. These loot boxes are still in the game but can not be purchased for real or in-game currency. Loot boxes have to be earned throughout play by completing milestones or levelling up.
    Part 6,
    My score out of 10,
    Overall I think this game is a very enjoyable experience that I would recommend to others. After taking into consideration the base price and certain elements of the star card system I am able to confidently give Star Wars Battlefront 2

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    I want to Play it

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    How to play the game

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    csgo is a best graphic game like play cs 1.6

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