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    good ole steam chest

    for every one who has qualified for the daily steam chest, is it worth it... do you get a chest each day ?? and how many people are having issues with the basic instructions. Thanks yall have a good one!

    10 october 2019 20:11 1628

    for how much soul gems is that....?

    11 october 2019 02:05 1628

    If you're expecting huge amounts of sg from daily chest, then you won't like it... You'll get 5 sg on average. Highest is 25, which is extremely rare.

    11 october 2019 06:49 1628

    steam daily chest is a faillure

    11 october 2019 09:34 1628

    the steam daily chest doesn't give the rewards you'd expect, I mean it lists that it has a 1000 soul gems to give but all you are given is 1,5,10 sgs and that's it, all the time

    11 october 2019 14:00 1628

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