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    Is it too soon for you to upgrade your town hall?

    This is some tips and tricks I learned after playing this game for years so wanted to share it with you guys.hope y'all enjoy it!

    so I'm gonna start with some basic things you gotta know when you wanna upgrade your most important building and it's the one and only town hall...

    First thing you should know about before upgrading your town hall is that are you mastered the town hall you are in right know or not.i'm not talking about master all of the possible strategics but at least be perfect in 3 different ones.

    I might make a article about hall town halls strategics later based on how you guys like this one tho.

    So i was saying that you gotta be good at what you are now to became good on what you gonna be.if you are a lazy th9 attacker for example DO NOT go to th10 cause the game is way more serious up there and i bet when you got there and start one staring your one blew mirror you will soon lost the interest in the game even make you leave and we don't want that.

    So if you wanna keep it fun just enjoy learning every strategic that is possible in your town hall.in that case you are not worried about what base you are facing with cause you'll know you gonna wrecked it anyways like when you see a base that is very wide you'll use witch you see a base with low lvl air defence and ground Xbows you go LaLoon it.you see one that has 2 air defences near outside the base you GoLaLoon it.A base that is too compact?use hog and the list just goes on and on.

    I see guys use a same strategy on different bases again and again and keep failing,be a guy who's your teammates trust not a one that you teammates pray that the enemy base would be doable with your one and only strategy.

    Interesting fact that every strategy will help you for the other one.like if you know good about GoPek strategy in th8 you have brought something with yourself to th9 and you'll be good at GoHo or GoWitch strategy and in th10 the GoWitch attack will help your BoWitch attack and this chain won't stop,it just goes and goes on i'll promise that to you.


    Btw i didn't mention that before cause i think that all of you knows by now that you should always upgrade your town hall when you are fulLy maxed so don't tell yourself i don't use minions then no need to upgrade them.Yes,you will need them at some point you definitely will.

    For example in laloon you just might get short on time cause your minions are just too weak to clean the base as fast as they should or don't say i don't use valks you WILL maybe not at th8 or even th9 but it makes the perfect strategy in th10 the BoWiValk.

    For example in laloon you just might get short on time cause your minions are just too weak to clean the base as fast as they should or don't say i don't use valks you WILL maybe not at th8 or even th9 but it makes the perfect strategy in th10 the BoWiValk.

    So don't be too rushy and be patient and enjoy the game.i know your are thinking that im all maxed out on my defences what should i do now?well you are not maxed out on your attacks yet.so while that your useless baby drag is baking in your lab and i'm sure he is thinking of helping you to clean up enemy base junk buildings so you can easily get in the heart of the base in higher lvls,you can freely try different strats in farming,isn't that just perfect?(and please maxed out your walls,would you?

    So now you upgraded and hungry for power you are telling yourself i'm gonna put that Xbows,infernos or eagle artillery and i'm gonna be UNDEFEATED well i don't like to be a party pooper but stop okaye?just stop.we got something here called base weight this little naughty thing is what will ruin your experience of war.when you put these important buildings of each town hall the machine or the bot ( i don't know) will count you as a strong th10 and your mirror gonna be same weight town hall as you that you can't 3 star cause you still got th9 troops or even worst th9 camps.so what you wanna do is to first focus on your troops lvls and build other stuff like the new canon and archer tower that it gives you.Interesting point is upgrade them as much as you can and it will give a very very small weight compare to what inferno would gives to you but still gives your enemies hard time fighting your base.

    Now you are baking good stuff in your laboratory thinking i should upgrade my defence now where should i start well you should go for your single target defences like canons and archer towers after you done them now you can go for your splash damage defences like wizard towers and mortars and bomb towers.


    Remember don't upgrade troops in order of what you got the resources for,upgrade them in order to make strategy.like if you are new th9 you should go for loons and lava.if you are a th10 go for valks or witchs.so keep your lab running thinking of what strategy your are going to do next.

    If i'm gonna tell a fact it's that always make sure you can 3 star a base same as your base weight in that order you will always face a fair enemy in your wars and your teammates doesn't need to be worry at least for your one blew mirror cause when you can make 3 out of a base with same weight as you,you will definitely make 3 out of a weaker base,too.

    long story short upgrade your town hall when you know you reached your best in the town hall you are in now.
    I think i made y'all bored enough so goodbye for now and maybe catch up with you guys in another articles. CLASH ON!

    9 october 2019 17:55 1625

    Yes.. You should not do this

    11 october 2019 22:05 1625

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