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    Why Everytime I Got Useless Things On CHests ???

    Guyz tell Me It Will Really help Me Out.

    8 october 2019 18:14 1628

    it's mostly luck..though i gotta say the odds to get anything good from chests is pretty small.

    8 october 2019 23:22 1628

    Never spend SGs on chests. It heavily based on luck. I once opened an Assassin's Chest, got a random key instead and from that moment, I never spent a single SG on chests. I always try to open free promotional chests. These will give you higher rewards.

    9 october 2019 18:52 1628

    thanks im just close to lvl 3 and i though of buyin chest

    9 october 2019 19:58 1628

    Thanks To Everyone Guyz. You Guyz Are Awesome. But I hate The Crueilty On Chests. Thats Why I Prefer Opening Promotional Chests. Cuz It will Not Have RAndom Things In It

    10 october 2019 13:05 1628

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