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    Team Fortress 2: The Lore

    This article will be about Team Fortress Classic' successor, TF2, probably one of the best class first person shooters.

    Despite the fact that Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer team shooter, it has a deep plot subtext that is unobtrusively revealed by the authors on game cards.

    Team Fortress 2 describes the world of the second half of the twentieth century (circa 1965), in which two secret organizations - RED and BLU. “Three television channels, one telephone company, and two corporations that secretly control all governments on the planet.”

    RED stands for Reliable Excavation & Demolition. RED is known to specialize in the excavation of reservoirs and mines, demolition work, and the production of bread and beer. In fact, RED is a cover for a large espionage organization. RED is written in the same way as the name of red in English (English Red), as evidenced by the color scheme of the organization. RED buildings and its equipment are made in red and yellow colors, the main building materials are wood, red brick and metal sheets of dark red color. Due to the fact that this organization specializes in demolition and excavations, it has a “simple” rural style of buildings and sloppy.

    BLU stands for Builders League United. The United Builders League is a company specializing in construction, hydropower generation, and milk production. Like RED, BLU is a cover for a large spy organization. The name of the organization is similar to the name of blue in English (English Blue), which is the main color scheme of the organization. BLU buildings are made in blue and white colors of white brick and metal.

    RED and BLU are fighting an irreconcilable struggle for the right to undivided ownership of the world, which takes various forms of business and unfair competition, including the form of armed clashes between specially hired mercenaries - Team Fortress 2 classes. Clashes take the form of territory control, capture of important points of the earth, destruction enemy bases and industrial espionage.

    Collisions between companies occur at various industrial sites such as mines, reservoirs, quarries and power plants. Often, under the guise of such organizations, secret corporate espionage bases, computer centers and missile bunkers are hiding.

    Despite the fact that RED and BLU are two completely opposed, irreconcilably hostile organizations with opposing areas of specialization, it is possible that they share a common secret leadership, known as TF Industries or Spytech. This organization is related to many technologies that are common to both companies, such as Automatic Turrets and Distributors. General management is also indicated by the fact that both teams hear the same female voice that reads out game messages (known as The Announcer, Commentator).

    The player will participate in the eternal confrontation between the two corporations in the struggle for power, taking the side of one of them as a mercenary.
    Also, the game is F2P sine 2011, so come and try this lovely war-themed hat simulator with brilliant community!

    30 september 2019 16:26 1625

    Team fortress 2 always was the best game ever i like the sfm the community and the most important voice lines

    1 october 2019 19:59 1625


    10 october 2019 07:57 1625

    Nice content bud

    10 october 2019 07:59 1625

    i think i may download it soon

    10 october 2019 07:59 1625

    any idea no one?

    10 october 2019 08:00 1625

    i think team fortress really may be my next game

    10 october 2019 08:01 1625

    I love team fortress

    7 november 2019 15:50 1625

    ITS Super Nice Game :D i love IT

    7 november 2019 16:53 1625

    Nice one

    7 november 2019 16:57 1625

    i love the game

    8 november 2019 08:53 1625

    wow really cool

    12 september 2020 05:27 1625

    Hate this game i don`t understand what is this

    12 september 2020 05:59 1625

    i found a big big big carrot

    19 september 2020 14:54 1625

    oh that is cool bowman really cool

    19 september 2020 20:56 1625

    I do not see lore in this forum

    19 september 2020 22:13 1625

    We are not affiliated with any of the games or companies shown on this website, and our

    20 september 2020 06:27 1625

    HI!!! My name Lilkenz2089 and you seem nice that's why i am Friendly

    20 september 2020 07:40 1625

    Nice! this is good! good game really GOOD GAME!!!:))

    20 september 2020 07:58 1625

    good content keep it up. XD

    20 september 2020 09:24 1625

    call of duty is better:)

    21 september 2020 13:16 1625

    im love this game

    4 october 2020 22:21 1625

    It s like counter strike but I love it more than counter strike because it has different characters like spy scout heavy and it has good animations

    5 october 2020 00:00 1625

    CS GO is better

    8 october 2020 10:24 1625

    oh i dont think this gane is that good

    26 october 2020 19:38 1625

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