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    has anyone reached level 80?

    how long does it take to go from 60 to 80?

    28 september 2019 23:43 2821

    a pretty long times. the game lv you up fast but it can only come u by lv60 then you must spare your time to level up everything🤣

    30 september 2019 20:46 2821

    If you log in every day and do all jobs (quests, EXP levels, ...) from lvl 70 you get almost 1lvl per day.

    2 october 2019 01:44 2821

    I'm a level 75 currently just it took me a long time to get there I have to get to level 80. But keep in mind I haven't logged in every day to do the daily tasks. Something I did a lot was also go to the afk xp spot and just go out and do something and then later come back to get my xp, or even as you're sleeping.

    2 october 2019 12:43 2821

    War Thunder offers are easier, i would recommend that. And i cant confirm my email on my account because i dont receive any email from the soul calibur

    8 october 2019 08:50 2821

    i love this game i find it very addictive

    8 october 2019 15:29 2821

    just got lvl 80 took me a long time tho

    10 november 2019 14:41 2821

    nepaiekau ir nenoriu pasie uzkniso

    17 november 2019 06:44 2821

    bro its so not worth getting to lvl 60

    27 november 2019 08:02 2821

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