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    Jojo's bizzare adventures

    What do you think about part 1 and 2

    28 september 2019 18:33 1628

    It's the only part where they use hamon. (In part 3 joseph doesn't use it that much so i didn't add it)

    28 september 2019 18:34 1628

    I'm glad I've watched Golden Wind first, got along with this anime easily, a little slow start with part 1, it didn't really make any sense, part 2 was way more enjoyable for sure, with a protagonist that feels more 'real'. Anyway, in my opinion Stardust Crusaders is the best part by far. Sure DIU was good too, yet until episode 20 or so there wasn't really any plot.

    28 september 2019 19:38 1628

    i've only read part 1 so far

    28 september 2019 23:33 1628

    watch it, you have to understand the references

    5 october 2019 20:28 1628

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