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    Getting Over It-A Game Of Suffering

    Getting Over It is an indie game where your only task is to climb a mountain.Sounds easy right?Wrong.Read on to find out!!



    Getting Over It is a platformer puzzle video game developed by Bennett Foddy.The player is tasked with climbing a mountain with various obstacles on it.The in-game player is stuck in a pot and holds a hammer--his only means to get over the mountain.
    If this sounds difficult to you this is only the beginning.


    Getting Over It has simple gameplay mechanics, that is you swing the hammer and "get over" obstacles.Even though it's simple but that doesn't mean it's easy and the player soon finds it.At the very beginning you start infront of a lake and your first obstacle is to "get over" a dead tree and though it looks easy to get over the tree many players fumble repeatedly on this obstacle and that sets the tone for the rest of the game.


    Getting Over It is unique and ironic for most parts, for example almost at the very beginning Bennett Foddy tells you through his voiceover not to play the game.
    The game is a reflection of the struggles of life where one thing may seem impossible to do but as you keep trying it even after failing repeatedly, at one point you succeed.Getting Over It works on the same principle where some obstacles may seem insanely difficult to pass but as you keep trying with aching hands you finally get over it.And once you pass such an obstacle the joy is get is many times greater than numerous "Victory Royales" on Fortnite.
    Another thing that makes Getting Over It difficult is that there are no checkpoints and a string of wrong moves can get you back to the starting point and this makes you feel enraged-OUT OF THE WORLD.




    Getting Over It is a masterpiece of an indie game developed by Bennett Foddy in an era of high budget and high graphics AAA games.
    Getting Over It is unique on many levels---First, It has unique gameplay mechanics for a platformer though it is inspired by a game called Sexy Hiking made in the 2000's and this one of the first things that Bennett Foddy tells you in your journey.
    Second, The way Bennett Foddy, through his voiceovers kinda mocks and consoles for your repeated failures is very unique for a game.
    Third, The game design and the obstacles course are unique and even the music plays mind games with you (though I found it soothing).
    Getting Over It is tough and that has its own pros and that's the reason it gives immense satisfaction when you "get over" an obstacle say on your 500th try.
    When I completed the game after several restarts and failures, the joy I felt cannot be described in words.It felt like I finally found a cure to my never ending headache that was caused by this game.I was feeling like I got over a mountain myself.


    Getting Over It is an amazing and is one of those easy to pick but difficult to master games.
    It's a game that shows indie games can still compete with AAA games.
    I will definitely recommend you to play this game--though you'll curse Bennett,me,the game several times throughout your journey but once you "Get Over It" It's all worth it.
    Also if you're in for a challenge and want to inflate your gamer ego this game definitely for you.


    24 september 2019 19:31 1625

    mm I always rage while playing that gameI dont get how you can beat it.

    28 september 2019 17:45 1625

    The game is hard it needs skill and time dont rage guys its just a game.

    13 november 2019 10:43 1625

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