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    Town of Salem – Town guide & tips

     Town of Salem is a game of logic and deduction. It consists of 4 factions:

    • Town
    • Mafia
    • Coven
    • Neutral

     In this article I will be giving you a short guide for playing as a Town role, as well as give you some tips.

    How do I win?

     You must kill all evil-doers. This means all Mafia members, all Coven members and some Neutral members.

     The Neutral members can be divided into 3 categories:

     -the ones that can’t win with Town members alive and have to be killed in order for Town to win: all Neutral-Killing (Serial Killer, Werewolf, Arsonist, Juggernaut), Vampires, Plaguebearer/Pestilence;

     -the ones that can’t win with Town members alive but don’t have to be killed in order for Town to win: Witch (despite the fact you don’t have to kill the Witch, it is highly recommended that you do, since you can’t team and the Witch is a nuisance to the Town);

     -the ones that can win with Town members alive: Executioner, Jester, Pirate, Survivor, Amnesiac, Guardian Angel;


    How do I know who is evil?

     You must cooperate with your teammates and use all the info you can get.

     Did the Mafia wrote in one of their death notes that X is immune? Kill X. X is most likely a Neutral / Coven member. Why trust the Mafia? They want those people dead too. This also works for any other evils that tell you that someone is immune.

     Check suspicious activity. Did someone tried to save a Mafia member from death for no reason? They are most likely a Mafia member themselves, trying to save their teammate, or they are a Jester that wants to look as suspicious as possible. They could also be a Town member that made a mistake, but this is unlikely.

     If somebody doesn’t want to state their role or post their will, or if they do it WAY too late, they most likely aren't Town. Writing things that don’t make sense (such as wrong Investigator results) or changing things in their will represent other behaviors of evils. Watch out, because the Jester can do any of those things, and you do NOT want to get them lynched.

     Do two people state two different things about the same person? One of them is evil, and it’s your job to figure out which one.


     What do I do? How do I use my role?

     There are 4 alignments: Town Investigative, Town Killing, Town Protective and Town Support. No matter what role you get, you can always vote people. After enough votes, they will be put on trial, and you get to vote guilty, innocent or abstain. If there are more guilty votes then innocent votes, the person will be lynched and will die; otherwise, they will live.

     As a Town Investigative, your job is to investigate and be the main source of information.

     The Sheriff will check people to see if they are suspicious or not. The entire Mafia (except for the Godfather), any Coven member (without the Necronomicon), the Serial Killer, the Werewolf on even nights, anyone hexed by the Hex Master and anyone framed by the Framer (only on the night they were framed) will shows as suspicious.

     The Investigator will receive 3, 4 or 5 results after investigating a person, one of which represents the person’s role. People hexed by the Hex Master or doused by the Arsonist have their results permanently changed. People framed by the Framer have their results changed for only one night. Investigating a Disguiser will give you the results corresponding to the person the Disguiser disguised as. Getting no results and no other message (that you were roleblocked or the target was jailed) means that you found the Juggernaut. If someone’s claim doesn’t match your result, then they are either evil, either transported by the Transporter, or affected by a Framer, Arsonist or a Hex Master.

     The Spy will see who gets visited by the Mafia and Coven. Remember that a Mafia member can’t visit another (unless the Witch or the Transporter makes them do so). Same for any Coven member, except the Potion Master. They can also bug a player at night and see what happens to the player.

     The Lookout will see who visits a player at night.

     The Tracker is like a reverse Lookout. They see who a player visits. If someone visited 2 people, they are a Transporter, and you can confirm each other. If someone visited a dead person, then they have to be a Necromancer.

     The Psychic has visions each night. On odd nights, you will see the names of 3 players, at least one of them being evil. On even nights, you will see the names of 2 players, at least one of them being good (good means Town or Neutral Benign).

     As Town Protective, your job is to protect others. Your main targets are the Jailor, the Mayor, and the confirmed Town members (but not the Veteran; that will most likely get you killed). Two Town Protective roles protecting each other  is something that will give any evil roles a hard time.

     The Doctor can heal someone each night, saving them from death. He can heal himself once, and has unlimited heals for others. The heal will prevent most attacks, but it can’t save someone from an Arsonist's ignite, a fully powered Juggernaut, a Hex Master’s final hex or suicide. You can remove the poison of a Potion Master without the Necronomicon, but not the poison of one with the Necronomicon.

     The Bodyguard can protect someone each night, and has a vest he can use on himself once. If somebody tries to attack a person protected by a Bodyguard, both the Bodyguard and the attacker will die (if the attacker is Pestilence, only the Bodyguard will die). If there are multiple attackers, only one will be stopped and killed by the Bodyguard, the rest being unaffected.

     The Crusader can protect a target each night. By protecting the target, they act pretty much like a Doctor, but they will also kill a random visitor, even if they are not an attacker.

     The Trapper will take a night to build a trap and another to place it. Each Trapper can have only a trap at any time. They are also able to take the trap down. If a trapper person is visited, the trap will activate, protecting the target and revealing all roles of the players that visited them. If the trapped target is attacked, one of the attackers will be killed.

     As Town Killing, you can kill evils directly.

     The Jailor is the most important. Not only he can kill anyone (except for Pestilence or those protected by a Guardian Angel), but he can also stop them from using their night ability. Keep in mind that jailing a Serial Killer or a Werewolf on an even night without executing them will result in your death. Jailing Pestilence will have the same outcome, whether you execute them or not. A common tactic is to reveal yourself the first day and ask for a Town Protective or a Lookout. Just because someone is evil doesn’t mean you have to kill them right away. For example, if you know for sure someone is the Godfather and there still are two Mafia members (and neither of them is a Mafioso), you can just keep jailing the Godfather until you find the rest of the Mafia.

     The Vigilante has 3 bullets. He can shoot starting with the second night and will kill anyone without any sort of defense or protection (as long as they are not jailed). Killing a Town member will force you to commit suicide the next night. If it seems like you killed a Town member but you don’t receive a message the next night stating that you killed a Town member, then you shot a Disguiser.

     The Vampire Hunter is greatest enemy of Vampires. They can check someone each night. If the checked person is a Vampire, they will kill them (unless protected); otherwise, nothing will happen. If a Vampire visits a Vampire Hunter, the Vampire will die. Additionally, the Vampire Hunter can hear the Vampires at night.

     The Veteran has 3 alerts. If they choose to go on alert, they will kill anyone that visits them that night (unless they are healed or they are Pestilence). Going on alert will also grant you basic defense, protecting you from some attackers. A common tactic is to “vet bait”, which means to say something (usually the first day) that will attract evils, and go on alert the next night. Asking for Town Protectives or Lookouts is a terrible “vet bait”, because it usually kills only important Town members and no evils.

     As Town Support, your job is to help town however you can.

     The Medium can talk to dead people at night, finding the information the dead couldn’t get in their last wills. They might also have opinions and ideas, and can tell you if there are other Mediums (tell them your name and ask them to say that you are a Medium while asking for other Mediums). Mediums can’t see each other talk during the night. Dead can’t see a Medium talking if the Medium is in jail. After death, a Medium can choose to talk to a living person during the night, but only once.

     The Retributionist can revive a dead Town member, but only one.

     The Mayor can choose to reveal himself. Doing this will make their vote count as 3 votes, but they won’t be able to whisper, be whispered to, or healed by a Doctor (unless a Transporter or a Witch interferes).

     The Transporter can transport 2 people each night, switching all visits for those 2 during that night . If there is a Witch or a Coven Leader, you might want to transport a Vigilante, so they won’t be used to kill a Town member. You can even get the evils to kill themselves if you figure out who is evil and who is likely to get targeted.

     The Escort can block someone each night, stopping them from using their night abilities. Block people that act suspicious. If you block someone and there are no kills, block them again to see what happens. NEVER block a confirmed Town member. Blocking a Serial Killer will make them attack you instead. Blocking a Werewolf on an even night will make them rampage at home and therefore, attack you.

     Don’t worry if you don’t win. Everybody loses every now and then. GOOD LUCK!

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