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    In this article we´re going to review Crossout and also take a brief look at its concept. If you have never played the game before this is an opportunity for you to decide whether you should jump into the game or not. If you already tried it and didn´t like it hopefully at end you will be considering giving it another shot.

    Looking at Crossout

    Crossout, an online free-to-play shooter in a post-apocalyptic scenario for the Ps4, Xbox and Windows platforms. Following the Mad Max-style, Crossout it´s a third-person view car shooter that offers the unique aspect of building your own car literally from scratch which at first may sound like something difficult to do in theory, but nothing really that hard to overcome in practice. The game offers 8 vs 8/PvP matches that offer scraps to the players, useful for crafting. It also offers PVE Raids and open-world side missions provided by different factions that act in a complementary way to the main storyline. As you progress later on in the game, unlock and craft pieces for your car as rewards from the factions, you will be able to create different types of vehicles and may even join a guild for more rewards. If you are a casual player it´s a good title to introduce you to the genre and it´s mechanics as the game more than testing your aim, challenges you and your creativity to build your own ride and to actually be able to ride it. If you are a usual player then you will probably enjoy exploring the enemy weaknesses and challenge yourself to build the ultimate war machine.

    Critical Analyses:

    The game released in the late of march of 2017 and still presents the players with funny and unique content. Although with a market based in a real money currency, every piece can be crafted from scraps, (and some other lootable materials) and even if any rare or legendary part requires that currency in order to be crafted, there is always the possibility of selling basic craftable parts for that same currency, so in the end it all comes to those basic scraps.kILyycs5dxG8ZZwm5odE8lzG84wtQW.jpg

    However it´s not all roses, it sins in its very core mechanic the driving, it's not the worse that I have ever seen but clearly lacks some polishments, the main storyline it´s fair by itself with interesting cutscenes that even without voice acting fit the purpose of storytelling. It has a well-themed level design and the graphics are reasonably good and friendly enough for medium/old pc users. Crossout leans towards personality building as every car displays character, how would you defend your cabin? Where would you place your guns? Would you venture going big in order to have space for special parts with the risk of becoming an easy target on the distance? Or would you prefer going small and solid? When you finally finish your car and adjust your weapons angle it´s a matter of time until you uncover your car flaws but worry not, keep leveling up and eventually you will unlock new pieces and increase the number of them that you can use. Requires 6gb of space and a 2013 computer set in order to run, Overall it´s a fair well thought game, one to keep an out for a try or to keep installed among your games list, oh and like any co-op, its most to enjoyable with friends!

    Pros and Cons


    • Decent lore, character development, cutscenes, and graphics
    • Good diversity of game modes
    • Interesting building mechanics that feels like playing with lego
    • Interesting vehicle possibilities


    • Basic plot that fits with no character voice
    • Interesting open-world mode although with poor side-quests.


    • Poor driving that act as a core mechanic
    • A level design that is not new to the industry and with some flaws where sometimes cars get irreversibly stuck

     If you still have not decided or simply skipped all the text to read the pros and cons I must advise you to try it, simply because there are no other similar game and it´s free.

    21 september 2019 11:13 1625

    Yeah! Its very good work!

    9 october 2019 19:57 1625

    Thanks, for this article. Very useful information!)

    9 october 2019 22:50 1625

    good game to play

    7 november 2019 15:49 1625

    Crossout is really awesome!!!

    9 november 2019 04:53 1625

    is a super game

    9 november 2019 14:53 1625

    i love it

    10 november 2019 19:13 1625

    Nice very nice good 👌

    10 november 2019 19:17 1625

    Good Game Has controls for you to craft your car any looking good or bad!!!!

    10 november 2019 20:30 1625

    nice game and cool

    11 november 2019 21:38 1625

    i like this game so much because its cool

    11 november 2019 21:39 1625

    nice game and cool

    12 november 2019 00:52 1625

    i have never played crossout

    12 november 2019 00:52 1625

    nice tip. thanks

    12 november 2019 05:00 1625

    yeye thank you tips

    26 december 2019 12:33 1625

    awomse and cool game

    26 december 2019 12:48 1625

    Very cool

    31 december 2019 16:03 1625

    its a great game

    1 january 2020 22:48 1625

    I love this game.

    2 january 2020 17:07 1625

    Thank you for tips

    2 january 2020 17:07 1625

    nice game intresting

    10 august 2020 17:41 1625

    Hello crossout players

    10 august 2020 22:23 1625

    This game looks pretty fun.

    11 august 2020 05:25 1625

    nice game

    11 august 2020 05:27 1625

    i like the game until i needed to start over.... idk why i needed to start over

    18 august 2020 17:05 1625

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