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    Give a reason why there are no games like before so you can not win gems as one wants
    Because the new users have few games and the value of gems won by mission is few is unknown, I guess the administrators of the page will have their reasons but also have to see for the sake of those who are pending their page Osea us the gamehag village that we strive to fulfill them for obvious reasons the good prizes and reward that they offer us, I am sure we are all here for that reason I know. Not to enter more emphasis I want the administrators to see this case and good with the help of your comments and help may listen and look for some way out or solution for this. There is also a problem with the invitation of friends several of my friends are playing but they did not give me the bonus that the page promotes so if it leaves a little annoyance and I'm sure that several of us are having a good time too check this point please Which really would help us a lot to improve these things on the page. Other than that, everything on the page is fine so there would be no more complaints, I'm sure if you leave your comments or someone who knows how to solve this leave some good comments I invite you to help me to help them, no more than To say only to finish saying good luck to all, and I hope this is not anonymity and let it know porfa do not ignore me. Already leaving aside now I address the positive aspects of the page that in itself is a very good option to save money but obviously nothing you are given in this life and that is why we give these challenges but outside that is a very Good page that is also recommended of course that is not perfect, nobody is but can improve success in all gamehag.com.

    2 august 2017 16:12 1625

    Probably 😅😅😅😅😅

    30 october 2018 00:39 1625

    i dont know whats better, the way the post is written or the tons of people just saying "agree" or just plain spam XD

    31 october 2018 01:50 1625

    The moment when you saw a bunch of spam and you cant help smilling( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉) i can already taste the free SG

    14 june 2019 15:12 1625

    The number of Games that offer free sg will always depend on ads availability, it comes around eventually

    17 june 2019 11:31 1625

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