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    Team for leaguend of legends any ??

    I need to team, I have 2x profil 30 lvl plat 3

    31 july 2017 11:28 1627

    Try Dream Team page (site), I found there my team, we are band of of cool guys and I am happy I found them. It took me 2 days and I was really tired froms searching but yeah, it worked :).

    13 december 2019 09:51 1627

    what was dream team page?

    13 december 2019 11:02 1627

    If are you still searching
    I can invite you to our clash team, our adc can't so if you want to be adc, you can. But we are playing on EUNE :).

    13 december 2019 12:05 1627

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