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    All about Commenting in Gamehag.

    In this Simple Article, You can Learn about Reporting and Commenting in Gamehag!

    I hope you can take away a thing or two from this article about the basics of Commenting & Reporting!


    I know it's not easy to put your opinions out in the open for the first time, there's always that fear of being judged and being taken too seriously or someone reporting you and causing something bigger. However, that's just the annoying thoughts that you have to ignore, And besides in gamehag, when you step foot into the "connecting" universe, everyone keeps the negativity in the gutter, an thats where no one goes except for those who fill it.

    Did you know the Easiest way of making XP/ Leveling up is by Commenting? The Fastest and Easiest way of Leveling up is by commenting on articles, you can say the simplest things about the article for example, "I love this article, I've been playing the game for 2 years and this article gives all the information you need!"  or you could take the shorter way there and say "wow I love this game/article". Once you have commented 6 times, you've got the max amount of XP that can be earned from commenting in a day, but you can come back tomorrow and comment again on another or the same article! However if you desire to still keep commenting, Ain't nobody stopping you!

    Making sure that your comment is always related to the article you are commenting on is a big part of the commenting compartment, as spamming can lead to your comment being taken down

    Constructive Feedback is always welcomed however, you aren't allowed to pass the explicit yet thin line between constructive criticism & being unnecessarily rudeIt is an example of obvious common sense.


    1: I made this cube, although it is made of dry playdough it looks very cool.
    a: wow, using dried playdough is such a xxxxxx idea! you're making it stink in here get out of here, xxxxx!
    b: I don't think using dried playdough to showcase a cube would be the best idea, maybe clay would be better at holding things together. Goodluck!- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

    Clearly, looking above at this example you can see it shows that b knows how to use their manners properly, and they can give constructive criticism appropriately. On the flip side, a is being unreasonably overdramatic about 1's decision for using dry playdough to display a cube.   


    Reporting someone's comment in Gamehag is simple, two important yet quick steps and you can remove that dirty spot from your screen.   

    Check for the following;

    • Does the suspected comment go under the category of racist, sexist or abusive commenting?
    • Does the suspected comment offend anyone in an inappropriate form of words?
    • Does the suspected comment involve any inappropriate language?
    • Does the suspected comment violate any of gamehag's restrictions for commenting?

    (I know I should have wrote "an interest for these types of games")

    At the bottom right corner of the comment bubble there should be a symbol (▲) with an exclamation mark (!)  inside a triangular shape, click that shape to report the comment. Assuming that the Moderation team takes it from there, it will surely be handled.

    9 september 2019 12:17 1625

    Nice thats good

    9 september 2019 12:29 1625

    Thank you for the guide

    9 september 2019 13:09 1625

    thx for guides

    9 september 2019 13:29 1625

    Thanks for the info!

    10 september 2019 04:08 1625

    When i login in 7 days a row it doesnt gives me any rubins

    11 september 2019 08:06 1625

    At least I know how often you can get Xp by commenting now.

    13 september 2019 08:52 1625

    good article, :)

    14 september 2019 18:21 1625

    well done

    15 september 2019 00:44 1625

    thank you for the tip bro

    15 september 2019 01:32 1625

    thank you

    15 september 2019 12:29 1625

    well done bro

    15 september 2019 12:30 1625

    OK, this is interesting, so only 6 comments a day will get you xp

    15 september 2019 14:51 1625

    thanks for the info dude

    15 september 2019 15:06 1625

    thanks for this

    15 september 2019 17:22 1625

    Well this is intresting

    16 september 2019 23:42 1625

    Also, for those of you asking, commenting 6 times works up until a certain level and then its like 3 times!

    17 september 2019 06:26 1625

    good job...

    17 september 2019 06:41 1625

    I didn't know that. Thanks for the heads up!

    17 september 2019 08:31 1625

    Am I missing something here or the comments got deleted

    17 september 2019 18:47 1625

    thx for that information

    17 september 2019 19:20 1625

    Yes it is very good

    18 september 2019 12:55 1625

    when you made a forum how to prevent spammers spamming someone's article, and they spam your article instead. FEELS BAD MAN

    18 september 2019 15:48 1625

    game hag its a nice platform

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