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    A Plague Tale: Innocence [Review]

    A Plague Tale is set in France, where plague and death were common in the years 1300-1400, under the rule of the Inquisition, and tells the dramatic story of two brothers.

    Developer: Asobo Studio

    Types: Action-Adventure,Sneak,Survival-Horror

    Platforms: PlayStation 4,Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

    The game was released on May 14, 2019.


    A Plague Tale 14. the century passes in France, where plague and mice are ubiquitous under the rule of the Inquisition.

    The play is directed by a young noble girl named Amacia.Where you start the game is a wonderful forest with a charming atmosphere, and when you lose yourself in this forest, everything turns upside down.The Inquisition wants Amacia's brother Hugo at their door.Hugo is a sick boy,unaware of the outside world, his mother does not let him out of a room, and he seeks a cure for his disease, which is completely unknown to him, through his Alchemist identity.

    While the brothers ' father is talking to the inquisition, Amacia sneaks up on him to kidnap Hugo.That's when Amacia sees Hugo for the first time, but his father is murdered by the Inquisition leader.Amacia and Hugo find their mother as they escape from the soldiers there, and their mother helps them escape, but she stays behind them in the embrace of the Inquisition.The adventure begins when the brothers lose their mark from the Inquisition.


    About Gameplay:
    In the game you control Amacia and the only weapon Amacia has is a slingshot and a distraction to confuse enemies, but in the future you can collect items and produce materials or other similar materials to stun enemies and improve some of your things, such as your inventory. Infact, I have to say that the gameplay in the game is easy and simple, the story is more important for the game.

    Every part of the game is like a puzzle. In some episodes you have to solve puzzles by ordering the character Hugo.You need fire to send away the mice, and getting to that fire is like a puzzle in some parts.

    Gameplay Trailer:
    About Story:
    A Plague Tale has a really powerful and dramatic story.Many factors are well reflected in the game,such as Hugo's curiosity about everything since he doesn't see the outside world,Amacia's finding Hugo sometimes unbearable, people's fear of the plague.

    In addition, as the game progresses, your curiosity grows more and more, and discovering some friends, revealing some secrets adds a nice experience to your game.Most of all, you will be grateful for Hugo's powers, which you will learn later.

    Story Trailer:

    About Graphics:
    As you can see from the videos, there is no word to be said in the graphics of the game.But let's talk about it anyway.The atmosphere in the game,great modeling may be perhaps your favorite part of the game, and even though the atmosphere is dark and plague-like, it often looks great, and each episode is a different atmosphere.


    Finally, I have to say that if you like this kind of story-oriented drama, it is definitely a game that I recommend you to take and play.

    My score for this game is 7/10 

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