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    My Friend Pedro

    My Friend Pedro is a brutal ballet about friendship, fantasy, and the fight of one man to wipe out a sentient banana in his path. Published by Devolver Digital.

    • What is it?

       My Friend Pedro is a fast-paced platformer focusing more on style than just going through the stage. While the play may be tiny in duration, you are kept going by ranks and achievements, making it very replayable. MFP, follows the Mario formula, adding each level slowly fresh ideas or weapons, then building on them as they become more and more complicated.Hb0RZxdSgAdSMvJtzQk3DERKmPooIm.jpg
    • Story

       My Friend Pedro sees you wake up in a street having lost your memory, just to be welcomed by a floating banana called Pedro himself. We're off to a good beginning, right? Then Pedro guides you through different stages as you rain bullets on enemies for unspecified purposes, lead you to kill more and more individuals and give you some helpful tips. Pedro is a lucky friend of yours. It's love for Pedro.
    • Gameplay

       Imagine if you combined Max Payne's gun play with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater's score / combo scheme and then amplified it to eleven. From beginning to finish, you can readily execute a string of death, wreck a gigantic score and feel bloody great about it. On a 2D plane, the left stick regulates your motion, while the correct one controls your objective. Shooting is a straightforward squeeze of the correct button, while holding the left lets you lock one target while still targeting the correct stick. That's all nice, but the true MVP clicks to slow down the left stick. Things are getting really interesting now.  Having seen John Wick ever and thinking, wouldn't it be nice if there was more parkour, and a talk, swimming banana and more violence and a 2D side-scrolling shooting game, played on your desktop?  That is what the game actually is.
      It's a good visual style and the Soundtrack reminds me of Hotline Miami, gunplay feels enjoyable. The main gameplay includes the slowdown of time and acrobatic motion. These instruments enable the player with his killings to become creative and generally there are many methods of approaching fighting situations. In the first two sections, enemy meetings are rather open and offer plenty of space for dealing with every scenario.
      I like the divided shot mechanic in particular, and I believe that it really works well. Essentially, you can target two different enemies at the same moment if you're dual wielding  a weapon. It’s easy to get the hang of and it works really well. You can kick enemies also, drop things on enemies, even kick them off. There is a great deal of diversity in killing techniques.
    • Graphics

       Graphics aren't amazing and look a bit dated and enemy faces look cartoonish.
    • The bad

       There’s no workshop support, which is disappointing. 
       The subsequent levels bring the game in a different direction, and I discovered that I didn't like that. This is a game that provides you all that you really have at the beginning and does not develop in the correct manner. It begins as a violent ballet and ends as a puzzle platformer , which I really didn't want.
    • The verdict

       It is all I wanted My Friend Pedro to be. Gentle, stylish creative gunplay that gives you the feeling to create your own scenes for action in a film. What shouldn't enjoy? Pedro is love. Pedro is your friend.XENsKB1WjDWG2NAGj7xPiJKO7jv2U5.jpg

    2 september 2019 12:44 1625


    4 september 2019 15:10 1625

    Not Bad

    4 september 2019 17:55 1625

    Yeah nice game

    7 september 2019 17:34 1625

    i higly recommend it too

    7 september 2019 17:34 1625


    7 september 2019 17:36 1625

    I actually have a friend called Pedro!

    7 september 2019 17:54 1625

    cool ad nice

    7 september 2019 22:07 1625

    the best ever

    7 september 2019 22:07 1625


    10 october 2019 18:48 1625

    The best app ever

    10 october 2019 18:49 1625

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