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    Star Wars The Old Republic

    (4.14/5) 21 rates


    This game is my favorite game and will be my favorite game forever, here is why. Star Wars the old republic is an mmo rpg game set in the Star Wars universe, it has sooooo many things to offer, this game has a great leveling system and a great story, then you start the game you can choose to be on the dark side or the light side, then you choose your side you will have 4 classes to choose from, each class has a different story, on the light side you can choose from the Jedi knight, Jedi consular, Smuggler and the Republic trooper. While on the dark side you can choose from sith warrior, sith inquisitor, bounty hunter and the imperial agent. Each class has a different story and play style! You can do PVP, star fighter battles and much more. And you also get to complete a lot of quests! Star Wars the old republic you will always be in my heart

    26 july 2017 16:17 35

    I played this game ever, i like SW universe...

    9 july 2019 23:53 35

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