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    Baconmanz Reviews: Roblox

    Roblox is an MMORPG social gaming platform, it was released in 2006. You and others can create your very own games and play them in a multiplayer experience meant to be played by all ages!
    All of my reviews will end at the verdict "Do it for the gems" or "Do it for fun". The verdict will be stated at the end. Setup: (Very Easy) To first play Roblox you will need to sign-up for a free account on their web page (roblox.com), it will then take you straight into the "Games Tab". You will need to select any game on the screen and install the Roblox Launcher on your computer, it's required for every game. It might take awhile, but after the first install, you won't need to do it again. Launch into the game and after everything loads, *Poof!* you're in! Although many think Roblox is completely free, there will always be a catch, you can buy their in-game currency called "ROBUX", which is used for character customization, in-game perks, and much more. You can also buy their premium subscription of "Builder's Club", it gives you many perks and a daily income of ROBUX. Overall Gameplay: Overall it's nice, there's a lot of games to pick from, and it seems like I can always find one that fits me. The graphics in Roblox are pretty hit-or-miss, most of the popular games don't look to bad, but 80% of games on Roblox look terrible and blocky. I'm not going to be too picky about the graphics because this is the way Roblox was designed to look, overall it's tolerable. The audio in the game is also hit-or-miss, as many games use the default sounds of Roblox, which I often find cringy and very bad... But many of the popular games on Roblox are getting custom sounds which sound great! (Some games are even getting voice actors now.) Community: The community of Roblox is mostly 13 years olds or below, this is the age group that Roblox is made for, so don't act too surprised. Most of the kids/adults on Roblox are friendly, and you're always able to have fun with them. There is the rare occurrence that you experience a hacker ruining the fun or just an overall bad person, I usually just ignore them, but you could also report them to the Roblox Staff. Overall: As an adult reviewing Roblox, it's a tad boring. Most of the games are just copies of each other, and half of them don't even work, sure you might find that one game that might have fun with, but it'll eventually get old. But from a kid/young adult standpoint, I can see where the fun is, you get free-will to play any game you want. You get to customize your character any way you want, play games of any genre and have a great time. My little brother (9) loves to play it because he has free-will on how he can look, and what games he chooses, his favorite genre is the FPS style of games. But the question is, should you do it just for the gems? Or do it for the fun factor? Verdict Do it for the gems, I doubt that more than 50% of people on this website would actually enjoy this after awhile, everyone on this website is (should be!) above the age of 13, and I knew very few adults that play this. But if you fully enjoy the game and how it plays, I won't judge you, I even play it whenever I'm really really bored!

    26 july 2017 11:39 1625

    write an article ****

    7 april 2019 11:04 1625

    Hello this roblox is it a game ?

    7 april 2019 19:38 1625

    Roblox is a good game but if the ticks were returned it would surely move up

    8 april 2019 05:30 1625

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