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    about how to use roblox

    How to use roblox? what are the most popular games on 2019? How to put a game icon?  You can read all this in my article. Hope you enjoy!

    ROBLOX powering imagination the biggest game for children! play for free! 
                                             How to use roblox?

    you can play different games You can make your games, play with friends, chat! Make new friends! and make your T-shirt or clothes! play it now FREE!

    how to play roblox?

    1) Download and open
    2) sign up
    3) go to page games
    4) and choose a game who you like!
    5) then you can chat with players

    How to add friend on game?

    1) There are three dashes in the corner Click on it
    2) Then you see all the players who play there
    3) Find the person you want to send a friend request to
    4) Click on add friend
    5)If he(she) accepted your friend request you get "new friend" below if he did not your friend request Nothing comes out from below

    How to create a game?
    you can create game on roblox studio you can watch tutorials how to create a game

    How to put an icon on game? 
    1) go to create 

    how to add game to my profile?
    if you want to add your game to your profile Find the game you want to add on your profile there are three sticks Click on it and then click on "add to profile"

    how to make clothes?
    if you want to make clothes you need to buy builders club

    how to make my group?
    if you want to make your group you need builders club
    how to buy robux?
    To buy robux Click on your robux and click on "buy roblox"

    how to get free robux?
    you can get robux on gamehag!

    what is robux?
    robux "Virtual currency" you can buy robux and create your avatar!
    Some games may be for robux. 

    What are the most popular games now?
    the most popular games is 
    1. Adopt me
    2. Meepcity 
    3.Royale high
    5.Work at pizza place
    There are many more interesting and fun games!
    my favorite game is tower of hell! i like it!

    The main thing is not to trust some generator sites
    They ask you for money and passwords do not need to write your passwords, 
    If you find a game that asks you for a password or someone who asks you for a password, just click on "Report Abuse"
    Then roblox can read what you sent and that person will receive a BAN
    You can participate in YouTube competitions, but if he asks for a password, then you do not need to answer
    they can take your Account too! Please be careful
    Thanks for reading this, I hope you enjoy it!
    i love ROBLOX!
    please, if you didn’t like my article, tell me why I made a mistake. I need to know my mistakes maybe next time I can do it better.!?
    And please, this is not plagiarism i really like roblox This is my personal article.
    i really hope you like it..! I worked very hard on it.

    28 august 2019 08:41 1625

    I think it is writen for idiots by idiots

    28 august 2019 15:06 1625

    I love roblux now.Thanks for help

    28 august 2019 16:27 1625

    I love too

    28 august 2019 19:30 1625

    And Heloo.¨

    28 august 2019 19:31 1625

    How can i get Level up?

    28 august 2019 19:31 1625

    sorry but roblox is boring

    30 august 2019 23:50 1625

    i dont like this game

    30 august 2019 23:51 1625

    this game is boring

    31 august 2019 00:22 1625

    that's my opinion

    31 august 2019 00:22 1625

    minecraft can be a little bit more cool

    31 august 2019 00:22 1625

    but why ?!???????????????????????????????????

    31 august 2019 00:28 1625

    roblox is the best game

    31 august 2019 00:34 1625

    roblox is super cool

    31 august 2019 00:34 1625

    roblox is perfect

    31 august 2019 00:34 1625

    minecraft is gay

    31 august 2019 00:34 1625

    minecraft is for noobs

    31 august 2019 00:35 1625

    ummmmmm i like minecraft but roblox is better

    31 august 2019 00:36 1625

    that reason why roblox is getting boring is they only care about money and they making worse update and also back in 2013 roblox sale 999999999 robux i mean *** roblox is getting more worse then 2016 they remove tix where everyone loves but people still play roblox if you don't stop playing roblox they won't changes but now 2019 adopt me the game where every female play i mean *** are girls doing don't even play adopt me is just a boring game and also has reach 300k play that is unbelievable that is most play game and top 2 playlist in steam well that's all i'm gonna say pis

    31 august 2019 13:49 1625

    I love this guide

    31 august 2019 14:23 1625

    very cool thanks

    31 august 2019 15:20 1625

    very cool thanks for it

    31 august 2019 15:20 1625

    very cool thanks its helpful

    31 august 2019 15:20 1625

    very cool thanks nice boi

    31 august 2019 15:20 1625

    very cool thanks

    31 august 2019 15:20 1625

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