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    So i recently bought case (CS:GO) and when im trying to open. It says that i have to put in Trade URL in Settings. I went to setting and pasted my trade URL in and it just doesn't take it (doesn't do anything when button is clicked or just spinning [loading] forever) It would be nice if you somehow could fix this. Thanks!

    22 july 2017 01:24 1628

    Idk why but I feel like this is kind of scam >.< I mean... You might be able to get real codes, but how do you get gems? I made 3 tasks, 3 refusals. Downloaded few apps 0 gems recieved, and played tons of minigames... for 0 gems. (Although I liked the Ninja Run game, also Bubble Shooter would be nice if it didn't have that awful bug that you can't pass from a level to another, even if you cleared the area.)

    So... 10 gems.... and that's it. For 2 days of login. How should this work? How can someone get 5500 Gems without spending years here ...

    Minigames are bugged, that's for sure.

    23 july 2017 19:49 1628

    It looks like they fixed it nice!

    25 july 2017 22:04 1628


    1 august 2019 05:27 1628

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