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    Unfair Article Evaluation by Users

    It's weird that users on gamehag are evaluating article as plagiarism or spam without even looking for it..This needs to stop cuz articles are the only way to earn a significant amount of SoulGems

    22 august 2019 07:38 1628

    I don't know, I've seen it quite often.

    22 august 2019 08:25 1628

    There's nothing weird about it. There's a strong probability that some folks who posted spam articles get salty when they're not accepted, and afterwards proceed to downvote every article they see as a pitiful attempt of revenge.

    25 august 2019 17:16 1628

    By the way Dazza11, if you want to talk more, could you accept my friend request which I probably sent long ago? This conversation via forum threads doesn't exactly work that well.

    25 august 2019 21:20 1628

    @dakuwanga oh yea sure..didn't notice sorry.

    26 august 2019 22:57 1628

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