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    What was the best thing you've gotten from this site and how long have you been here?

    I've only been here a week or less so I haven't gotten anything worth bragging about. How about you?

    22 august 2019 00:58 1628

    For Gamehag? I started around in March, but I got this 6.99 game called Pilgrimage after I unboxed a Random Steam Key. The gambling game really helps for chests that require you to get specific amounts of SG.

    22 august 2019 03:20 1628

    I'm very close to getting 5 Euro steam gift card

    22 august 2019 09:53 1628

    ive gotten 30$ worth of rwards from here and and have 7k gems in my inv

    22 august 2019 10:13 1628

    I've been on this website for weeks now and I still had no clue on how to level up and get gems in the game ( The link to the websites always says it's unavailable.. ) T~T

    22 august 2019 10:22 1628

    Just got here today, i wanna try to get the chests but i am not able to, contacted support and posted a thread and now am waiting for their replies

    26 august 2019 11:50 1628

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