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    I think there should be another option in the community tab, called "forums rules" or something like that, so it will be easier to know if you are breaking the rules of the forums by spamming or doing something else wrong, it can make fewer people spam and it will also be easier to know the rules for other people who just want to use the website and be a part of the community without getting punished for things they didn't know were forbidden.

    21 august 2019 21:33 1628

    Agreed, although I feel that the rules should be placed on the right panel so it's just easier to see.
    For those wondering the rules can be found on the bottom of the page on "Terms" and "Privacy Policy"

    EDIT: Added links
    Terms: - https://gamehag.com/terms
    Privacy Policy: -https://gamehag.com/privacy-policy

    22 august 2019 00:47 1628

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