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    Rainbow Six Siege:Beginners guide do defending

    Rainbow six siege is an enormously popular tactical first person shooter with more than 100 millions active players and the number is growing. The game is basically based on two things: Defending and Attacking.In this article i'm going to write about the basic stuffs to have in mind while defending and share my personal preferences.

    On a single round you get unlimited barricades so beginners always see barricading as a way of grabbing extra points which is basically worthless and most of the time becomes a hindrance to the roamers as they often block rotations.No i'm not saying barricading is worthless but don't go barricading every doors and windows.Barricading can be tactical and useful.Suppose you are holding a position where there are two doors.You cant obviously hold both of them at the same time.So you can barricade one door and hold the other.What this do is whenever an attacker will come from that side they have to break the barricade so you will get alerted right away(but don't stay open).


    On a single round you'll get two reinforcements(one for recruits). Reinforcing is perhaps the most crucial thing to do in defending.But again you don't necessarily have to reinforce everything.For this you have to think like an attacker.You have to predict from where the enemy might break in.So reinforce those walls and hatches first where the enemy might break in and find you in most vulnerable positions.(An additional tip: Don't reinforce the immediate side wall of where your team mate is reinforcing,This will save his time which he would've wasted in going to another wall)


    Rotation Hole:
    Rotation holes are passageways between sites to travel faster.Roamers also make rotations to escape faster from an unfavorable situation.As rotations are all about making things faster,you need to create it in a way that'll take the least amount of time to go through .Don't throw the impact grenade too0 low on the soft wall or you'll have to crouch to go through.If you're new throw them a slightly high so you can vault over.But the best thing to do is practice to make the hole in perfect position so you can run through it.


    Anchoring is basically site holding.It's an important job in defending.But it doesn't mean sitting in one position the whole time when the whole team is getting bombarded.You need to be aware of every opening and deny the entry of enemies on site.While anchoring don't challenge an attacker head on as they will always have the upperhand in duel.Try to waste their time instead.There are pretty good anchors in siege but i won't get too much into detail.Just try to select three armor operators to anchor.


    Roaming is patrolling the whole map.You can roam around the vicinity of the site or very far away, it's up to you as long as you know what you're doing.It is perhaps the most difficult thing in defending as you need to have top notch map knowledge, situational awareness,good aim and the creativity in using your own ability.What many newcomers don't understand is just running around the whole map isn't roaming,as i said before it's patrolling so you have to roam the area where the enemies will most likely come from and give intel to your anchor buddies.You also have to ambush the enemy whenever you get a chance.But don't attack if you're outnumbered.An advice is don't sprint to much.Because when you encounter an enemy suddenly(which is most common in roaming) while sprinting you won't be able to mount your weapon instantaneously.So try to walk with your stance and be ready for everything.Also you need to know when to return to site.For that you can wait for your teammates' callouts or when you see your anchor buddies are dying one after one it's time for you to return.Again i'm not going to analyze roaming operators.Just try to roam with three speed operators.

    Cameras are the main source of intel for the defenders.Though the attackers will most likely destory all the default cameras.When they forget to don't let them know that they forgot.So if you see an enemy don't pin it on the camera rather give away his positions to your teammates (which can be hard for the newcomers).Pinning in cameras has its own use.You can pin when it's a 1v1 situation (assuming you're dead) and that'll put pressure on the attacker and they might mess up for that.There's also valkyrie cams, bulletproof cams,evil eye,mozzie's drone which are handy in different situations but i'm not going too deep into those.

    20 august 2019 20:55 1625


    22 august 2019 12:51 1625

    wow loooveee

    4 september 2019 15:51 1625


    4 september 2019 19:23 1625

    hi . good tips bro

    4 september 2019 19:24 1625

    that helps

    7 november 2019 14:56 1625

    I like IT ... :DD

    7 november 2019 17:34 1625

    DOO YOK KNOw WHY I LIKE THIS GAME !!!!???? becouse of cool graphicks -_- XD

    7 november 2019 17:35 1625

    This is my favourite game

    7 november 2019 19:27 1625

    I am playing most of the time

    7 november 2019 19:28 1625

    its a fun game

    7 november 2019 19:28 1625

    I have bought it on uplay and steam both

    7 november 2019 19:28 1625

    I love it. This is a really cool game. 💯

    17 november 2019 12:21 1625

    I love it. This is a really cool game.

    18 november 2019 02:20 1625

    my friend makes fun of me then i play rainbow six siege for the first time but now he can't even 1 v 1 me

    18 november 2019 02:24 1625

    Good & informative 👍. The pictures were a bit too long in length for my liking.

    18 november 2019 02:44 1625

    The best defense is offense. Good basics.

    5 august 2020 15:46 1625

    Rainbow six sieg player

    5 august 2020 17:10 1625

    thank u broo

    5 august 2020 17:11 1625

    thats a good game

    5 august 2020 17:11 1625

    This game is too complex for me, but now!
    I think i can be better now

    6 august 2020 01:58 1625

    That really healpful

    6 august 2020 04:13 1625

    Good article, very helpful.

    14 august 2020 20:59 1625

    Very good info

    15 august 2020 00:42 1625

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft

    15 august 2020 07:51 1625

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