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    Minigames are not rewarding SG!

    I have collected more than 80 points on fruit snake more than 5 times and haven't been awarded SG's for it once. Does anyone know any fixes for this at all?

    20 august 2019 11:53 1628

    Not really sure about that, I've never gotten to the point where you can earn SG from mini-games, they are way too hard to complete for just one gem each, they probably have a daily complete limit aswell. I'd recommend you use the 'App zone' tab instead to earn gems.

    20 august 2019 13:45 1628

    I installed a game for SG and i got nothing the only thing i had to do was to install it and to play it for 5 seconds that s all

    20 august 2019 16:16 1628

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