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    Animal Jam

    (4.06/5) 17 rates

    Animal Jam Referrals XD

    so you can earn more gems daily

    20 august 2019 07:50 3092

    aj has referrals already! They are reall cool because if you get enought people to reffer you and they get membership you also get a free 30 day memebership

    15 september 2019 22:26 3092


    15 september 2019 22:33 3092

    Guys can link me to any websites which provide codes for gems, membership and diamonds. I spent some time searching for any active but all I found were just few at Animal Jam Codes at Ultra Compressed website . Please post any working codes here or any websites which post updated codes.

    Thank you!

    3 october 2019 01:03 3092

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