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    (4.09/5) 11 rates

    What do you think about the new Expansion (Saviors of Uldum)

    what do you think about the new expansion so far, do you enjoy the new mechanics? or do you rather prefer the game just the way it was before

    19 august 2019 10:27 4081

    Power level of cards is ok, i dont like expansions with very few good additions. In SoU we have some powerful cards and i like it.

    26 august 2019 18:43 4081

    Quest and the League members freshened up the decks to quite a large degree.

    30 august 2019 22:32 4081

    Hm, normal game

    1 september 2019 16:07 4081

    I mainly enjoy the singleplayer content right now but new cards are always fun. Even if it usually doesn't shake up the meta for long.

    23 september 2019 06:23 4081

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